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What is Geo-Behavioural Analytics?

Unlocking Consumer Insights with Geo-Behavioural Analysis

In the diverse landscapes of Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam, UrbanMetry’s Geo-Behavioural Analytics is a solution that delves into the intricate movements and preferences of diverse populations. Harnessing anonymised, location-based data, our methodology uncovers invaluable behavioural insights, catering to businesses ranging from property development to hospitality and retail, empowering them to make data-driven decisions.

Location-sensitive Data

How does Mobile Location Data Analytics work?

In today's dynamic business landscape, adapting to local nuances and understanding customer needs pose significant challenges. Geo-Behavioural Analysis emerges as a transformative tool, providing comprehensive data-driven insights into consumer behaviour linked with geographic locations, presenting a game-changing perspective across multiple industries.


Applications of Geo-Behavioural Analysis

1. Tailored Marketing Strategies

Refine marketing approaches by analysing movement patterns of specific income brackets, classified by T20 / M40 / B40 income groups. Retailers and property developers have tailored marketing campaigns by understanding consumer footfall and preferences in specific areas, driving engagement and increasing conversion rates by seamlessly aligning consumer mobility patterns in high-traffic areas.


This precision has been pivotal for retailers, enabling them to launch highly successful marketing campaigns. Understanding consumer footfall and geographical preferences in targeted areas has not only amplified engagement but has also driven substantial increases in conversion rates.

2. Assessing Market Presence and New Markets Entry

Assess market presence and popularity by analysing foot traffic at different malls. Businesses can then make informed decisions on marketing and promotion strategies by leveraging consumer movement insights.


Geo-Behavioural Analysis has been instrumental in tailoring healthcare services and optimizing retail strategies. Understanding movement patterns aids in choosing ideal locations for establishing new clinics, pharmacies, and retail outlets. The utilities sector has used this data to strategically plan infrastructure development to serve concentrated consumer clusters efficiently.

3. Insights into Traveller Behaviour

Comprehensive understanding of travellers’ origins, purposes of visits, and concentrations in specific destinations through mobile movement tracking. This data is invaluable for hospitality and aviation businesses. Airlines have optimised routes and services by analysing travel patterns of individuals across these countries, enhancing customer experience based on travel preferences revealed by geospatial location data.

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Regional Coverage

Geo-Behavioural Analytics in Southeast Asia

UrbanMetry’s methodology has proven particularly effective in Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. With regional geo-analytics solutions, businesses in these countries have tailored their strategies based on real-world behavioural patterns, eliminating guesswork to achieve quantifiable results. It allows for efficient resource allocation, ensuring that business strategies implemented are focused and aligned to business goals.

Resolving Business Challenges with Geo-Behavioural Insights

Beyond industry-specific applications, Geo-Behavioural Analysis addresses broader business challenges. For instance, businesses can strategically plan their offline and digital campaigns by finding OOH advertising locations using geo-behavioural data.

UrbanMetry's Geo-Behavioural Analysis isn't just a tool; it's a strategic asset for businesses across Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. By unveiling consumer behaviour insights rooted in real-world, up-to-date movement patterns, businesses can make informed decisions that drive growth and success in their respective industries.


Why UrbanMetry?

Comprehensive Movement Analysis

We excel in conducting comprehensive movement analyses, tapping into anonymised, location-based data. Our sophisticated methodology unravels intricate behavioural patterns and preferences within diverse populations across Southeast Asia. This level of detail empowers businesses across industries, from property development to retail, with invaluable insights for informed decision-making.

Population Behaviour Insights

We offer businesses a profound understanding of consumer behaviour intricately linked with geographic locations. Our tailored methodologies transcend conventional analysis, enabling a granular perspective that shapes targeted strategies aligned with real-world behavioural patterns.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Industries

Our Geo-Behavioural Analytics isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. We recognise the distinct needs of varied industries. Whether in hospitality, retail, or property development, our solutions are customised, providing actionable insights specific to each industry’s dynamics.

At UrbanMet, we redefine the paradigm of Geo-Behavioural Analytics by offering unparalleled precision, granular insights, and industry-specific solutions, empowering businesses to make impactful decisions rooted in real-world behavioural patterns.


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