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Business Operations Analyst

Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Job Type

About the Role

• Supports HOBO to design, execute and manage the company's initiatives and operations.
• Review the company's procedures and functions to find areas of improvement to increase efficiency, reduce costs, or improve customer satisfaction.
• Create models and generate reports to monitor business performance and trend, provide insights that'll help improve the company's overall key performance metrics.
• Prepare budgets, perform cost-benefits analysis, find areas for savings and improvements. ​
• Simplify and decipher technical jargon to ensure effective communication with various teams, and to manage the overall implementation of company initiatives.
Support business transition and helping to establish change within the company through organizing efficient and effective meetings, workshops and training sessions.


• Bachelor's degree, or equivalent working experience (min 2 years).
• Have good commercial awareness and good grasp on business operations and processes .
• Creative, with strong problem-solving and strategic thinking skills.
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills , and the ability to work with people at all levels of an organisation
Have good time management and organisational skills; have interest and understanding in project management


⦁ Birthday leave! (Because you shouldn't be working on your birthday)
⦁ Medical insurance reimbursement (includes medical outpatient claims)
⦁ Work gadget allowance
⦁ Lifestyle and mental health allowance (yes, that covers your gym membership!)
⦁ Public transport allowance
⦁ Upskilling and learning opportunities
⦁ Fun company activities (online gaming squad, book club, mushroom farming, climbing, painting, embroidery, hiking, and more!)
⦁ Unlimited pantry snacks and drinks
⦁ Company trips

About the Company

URBANMETRY is a property data company that harvests, cleans and analyses large amounts of city data, through its proprietary algorithms to extract trends and patterns in the built environment. It offers this data to the general public, as well as public and private sectors, in hopes of creating a more efficient and transparent property market, improving city planning, and shaping a sustainable urban environment.

We offer the aggregated data to various key stakeholders in the property market including developers, bankers and government bodies to enable better and more relevant analysis during business development and policy making processes.

Careers Urbanmetry_edited.jpg


Urbanmetry is seeking to win the data intelligence game in the housing and city planning industry. To succeed, we are always on the lookout for candidates who have a myriad of weapons in their arsenal. 

We are a nerdy bunch but if you love data and/or cities, drop us a note at

Maybe it is a start to a new adventure with us.

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