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Revolutionizing Climate Change Risk Assessment for Physical Assets

URBANMETRY is pioneering a new era in climate change risk assessment for physical assets. In a landscape where pinpointing precise property locations poses a significant challenge, our expertise shines. By seamlessly integrating our proprietary property database with essential physical climate risk drivers, we craft a bespoke climate risk scorecard for each individual asset. This fusion empowers financial institutions and asset managers with unparalleled insights, elevating their capabilities for resilient decision-making and driving a path forward in climate risk awareness and proactive mitigation efforts.

Superior Database

Navigating Climate Risk Challenges

Malaysia presents unique challenges in identifying asset locations accurately, a pivotal factor for effective risk assessment. At URBANMETRY, our strength lies in leveraging extensive property databases, meticulously mapped across Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan and Thailand. This rich repository becomes the cornerstone for integrating climate risk parameters, enabling precise assessments crucial for comprehensive climate risk scoring.

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Climate Risk Scoring

Marrying Asset Data with Climate-Related Parameters

Our approach seamlessly integrates asset location data with diverse climate risk parameters, addressing challenges unique to Malaysia. Landslide Risks, Tsunami Risks, Environmentally Sensitive Zones, Green Building Rating (GBI) / LEED Certification / GreenRE, 2030 Coastal Flood Risk, 2050 Coastal Flood Risk, Past Flash Flood and River Flood Incidents, Land Elevation, Distance to the Nearest River and New Construction are woven into our climate risk assessment, offering financial institutions detailed climate risk scores tailored for each individual asset.

URBANMETRY's Sustainability Report includes a thorough flood risk map, which covers projections for the 2030 annual coastal flood risk and past flood incidents within a 1km radius, reflecting our commitment to proactive climate risk management. The annual coastal flood risk model is developed by Climate Central using the IPCC's AR6 Leading Consensus and their proprietary CoastalDEM land elevation model, which offers insights into potential coastal flood vulnerabilities. This flood risk map serves as a crucial tool for informed decision-making, aiding us in addressing and navigating future climate-related challenges.


Staying Ahead

Strategic Advantages for Financial Institutions

By overcoming the hurdle of asset location identification and marrying data with climate risk parameters, URBANMETRY empowers financial institutions in Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand. Our bespoke climate risk scorecards, derived from recognized international standards and methodologies align with local contexts, allowing proactive risk management strategies that resonate with Southeast Asia's dynamic climate landscape.

Why UrbanMetry?

Unrivaled Location Expertise

We utilize extensive property databases to precisely identify asset locations across Southeast Asia

Integration of Climate Risk Parameters

Seamlessly marrying asset data with crucial climate risk factors for detailed risk scoring. Leveraging global climate models and international assessments conducted in IPCC AR6, COP28, etc., the scores are aligned with international standards.

Tailored Insights for Malaysian Context

Offering climate risk scores aligned with Malaysia's unique climate challenges and local nuances

solar panels, renewable energy

Experience the forefront of climate change risk assessment innovation tailored for Malaysian assets with URBANMETRY. Our pioneering approach, marrying asset location data with climate risk parameters, ensures financial institutions can confidently navigate the intricate climate landscape of Malaysia. Connect with us to explore how our bespoke solutions can fortify your risk strategies.

Reach out to us today to discover our cutting-edge climate risk scoring solutions designed for Malaysian assets.


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